John O'Lague Virtual Galleria
NORCAL Member Multimedia Online Exhibition, May 16 to July 17, 2021

In 1897, when the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) was founded, women journalists weren't allowed to join the National Press Club. Now, NLAPW, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has 81 branches where 1,600+ women artists, writers, and composers meet for support and inspiration.

NLAPW has 5 branches in Northern California (NORCAL): Diablo-Alameda, Golden Gate-Marin County, Modesto, Santa Clara County, and Stockton-Lodi. Work by artists from all branches is represented in this show. For more information on the branches and the individual artists from each branch, click on the names of the branches contained in the art captions. For more information on the national organization CLICK HERE.

Below are 2D and 3D works. To see poetry and music videos from our talented members, CLICK HERE.

As Time Goes, Rita Wienk, Photography, $600, Framed, 27" x 18", Golden Gate-Marin Branch

Atlas Silkmoth in Guinevere's Woods, Lucy Arnold, Acrylic, $400, Framed, 17.5” x 13.5”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Empyrean #5, Usha Shukla, Oil on wood panel, $2000, 36" x 36”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Along the Path, Claudia Gray, Acrylic, 40" x 40", $895, Unframed, Santa Clara County Branch

Flowering21, Linda Larsen, Digital photo, $200, 9” x 12”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Phoenix Rising, Anita Josette Nelson, Jewelry, Bronze, Copper, Jade, Stone, NFS, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Who Am I?, Patricia Watkins Dick, Print from original ink drawing, $73, Unframed, 8.5” x 11”, Santa Clara County Branch

Joy & Gratitude, Margaret Davis, Gouache, NFS, 11” x 8.5”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Merced River Mirror, Henrietta Sparkman, Acrylic, $450, Framed, 14" x 17”, Modesto Branch

Mother, Jo Ann Frisch, Watercolor, NFS, 21" x 29", Diablo-Alameda Branch

New Beginnings, Lisa Livingston, Mixed Media, $400, Framed, 9" x 12”, Modesto Branch

Question Mark, Pamela Holloway, Acryllic, NFS, 12" x 12”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Sheep in Amador County, Caroline Henry, Scratchboard, $500, Framed, 20” x 16”, Stockton-Lodi Branch

Sometimes the Cross is Easy, Linda Prather Nelson, Acrylic on board, $175, Unframed, 9" x 12", Modesto Branch

Together, Donna Solin, Acrylic on canvas, $275, Unframed, 8" x 8", Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Transient River, Catherine Moreno, Oil on panel, $900, Framed, 21” x 15”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

A bright spring day - playful chicks, Kazumi Cranney Sumi, Ink and watercolor, NFS, 20” x 16”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

BLACK LIVES MATTER, Charlotte Severin, Watercolor, $1,250, Unframed, 22” x 30”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Coretta Scott King in Selma, Julie Cohn, Watercolor, $3,200, Framed, 36" x 48”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Grape Vineyards Along the Rhine, Luanna K. Leisure, Photograph on metal, $65.00, 14" x 11", Santa Clara County Branch

Generations, Catherine L Bohrman, Bronze on granite base, $5,200, 22"high x 8"wide x 8"deep, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

I Am Thinking About You, George Floyd, Winifred Thompson, Oil, NFS, Diablo-Alameda Branch

Eyes Wide Open, Dorothy Atkins, Mixed, NFS, 11” x 14”, Santa Clara County Branch

In Living Color, Debbie Patrick, Oil on canvas, $650, Unframed, 16” x 20”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Meandering Canyons, Melissa Woodburn, Mixed Media, $700, 7w" x 5.5h" x 8.5d”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Dancers, Kay Duffy, Watercolor and ink, $350, Unframed, 30” x 25”, Matted, Santa Clara County Branch

Goddesses, Debra A. Collins, Digitally enhanced paper cut, $225, Unframed, 12” x 12”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

A Guiding Light, Patricia Dennis, Photography, $195, Framed, 20” x 24”, Santa Clara County Branch

Memory of the Birch, Ruey Lin Syrop, Oil on canvas, $300, Framed, 12" x 16", Diablo-Alameda Branch

The Twins, Ann Maloney-Mason, Acrylic and ink, $450, Unframed, 18” x 24”, Diablo-Alameda Branch

the Unknown, Fran Hall, Acrylic and oil, $500, Framed, 20” x 16”, Golden Gate-Marin County Branch

Notre Dame before the fire, Judith Tolley, pastel, $300, Unframed, 15" x 12”, Santa Clara County Branch

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