Art by Rita Sklar

Bay Area artist Rita Sklar depicts wildlife in her compelling paintings. By choosing species at risk and emphasizing their beauty, Sklar reminds us that the diminishing populations not only are a loss to us but send an urgent warning about the health of our environment.

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Northern Shovelers, Watercolor, 24x30, $750

Osprey Fishing, Watercolor, 36x28, $750

Pelicans and Cormorants, Watercolor, 18x22, $600

California Condor, Watercolor, 20x29, $750

Surf Scoter, Watercolor, 22x29, $750

Gulls over the Lake, Watercolor, 25x31, $750

Canvasback and Scaups, Watercolor, 16x20, $400

Bald Eagle, Acrylic, 30x24, $899

Snowy Plovers, Watercolor, 22x30, $1200

Western Screech Owlets, Watercolor, 25x31, $750