Fourth International Show - Art by Helen Merrigan Colfer

For the fourth in our series of online international exhibits, HAC member Ann Maloney-Mason introduces a prolific artist from Ireland. She is an award winning artist from the Wexford coastline on the tip of the Hook Head Peninsula where she lives with her husband Paul.

All pieces in this show are by artist Helen Merrigan Colfer. The artwork is not for sale on this site. However, if you're interested in contacting the artist, go to

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Daisy Chain Golden Girls, Steel

Girl with Hobby Horse, Steel, Resin

Morph, Bronze, Enamel

Occluded 2020, Steel, Resin, Granite

Temple I Liminality, Steel, Resin

Temple IV Regeneration, Steel, Resin

Temple VII, The Strawberry Thief, Steel, Resin

Sculpture Verse, Fight or Flight

Sculpture Verse, Noughts and Crosses

Fight or Flight, Bronze, Enamel

Golden Girls Trilogy, Steel, Resin

My Little Blueberry, Steel, Resin

Tribe Quintology, Steel, Resin

Temple II Connections, Steel, Resin

Temple VI Flutter, Steel, Resin

White Rabbit, Bronze

Sculpture Verse, Inside I'm Drowning

Sculpture Verse, Temple V

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