Who is this guy?

Bruce Roberts is a true local yokel, a native of Hayward, now serving his fifth term as Hayward’s Poet Laureate. In that time, he has written and read several poems at official functions, besides reading his poetry as entertainment at many community locations and events.

After 35 years reading to the middle school students in his classroom, he still loves to read aloud and urges everyone to do so with his poetry.

Married for 50 years to his wife Kathleen, he also has three married sons and daughters-in-law and five terrific granddaughters. In his sixth year on the Hayward Arts Council Board, he loves to encourage Hayward art everywhere, and also to read, sing, travel, hike, work outside, putter, and—of course—write and read poetry!

Remember, read each poem aloud in your best Academy Award-Winning Voice! That’s the only way to do it! ~ Bruce Roberts

CLICK HERE for Bruce's poem, SAILING

CLICK HERE for 19th Amendment as a PDF, HERE for a Word doc

CLICK HERE for Bruce's poem on Wuhan, China

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