Art by Dorothy Atkins

In the middle of the night when no one is listening, I paint women from my soul.  Connecting deep thoughts about life and my dreams. I paint them with pride and reverence for their strong presence and beauty.  Not just a fashion statement but caring without uttering a sound.  They make me brave.  Created from words I have heard inspired me to paint in bold colors, lines, unmatched shapes and women in assorted colors.  The colors, the rituals of the people left a strong impression on me.  My ladies "talk stories" that take me to a place of joy and "One Love." They will not be ignored.

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Acceptance, Mixed Media

Ambassadors, Mixed Media

Blended, Mixed Media

Commonalities, Mixed Media

Dance Along, Mixed Media

Inner Piece, Mixed Media

Missing You, Mixed Media

Peace Guide, Mixed Media

Serene Moments, Mixed Media

Talk Story, Mixed Media

Twin, Mixed Media

Activist, Mixed Media

And The World Is Better, Mixed Media

Childhood Friend, Mixed Media

Connecting, Mixed Media

Family, Mixed Media

Kindness, Mixed Media

Patchwork, Mixed Media

Self Expression, Mixed Media

Sisterhood, Mixed Media

Twin Too, Mixed Media

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