Below is what you will need to provide for the show:

  • At least 8 images in jpeg format, no more than 20.

  • Images must be at least 600 pixels wide, any height is OK.

  • Images may be larger, but not smaller.

  • Screen resolution 72 dpi or higher.

  • All artworks must be high quality, sharp jpegs.

  • Name your jpegs with the title of the piece (e.g., The Old Mill).

  • Provide a list of all the pieces in the format below, in a Word document or text in an email that can be copied and pasted. Use commas.

  • Title, Media, size, price or NFS, (Framed or Unframed, only if for sale).

  • Use this format for size - 14x12 (that is width by height).

We would also like a bio in Word and a photo.

If you already have a good bio with photo, send in Word or PDF.

We will host your bio in our site and link to it on your show page.

You can also provide links to your website or other social media.

Installations are at the discretion of the Hayward Arts Council Curator. No political or religious statements, nudes, or depictions of violence will be considered. HAC reserves the right of final selection and installation of the artwork.